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UIS1205 Capacitive Sensor Control Module

Product Introduction
UIS1205 is a miniature intelligent capacitive sensor detection controller with high performance price ratio. Characterized with simple and flexible installation, UIS1205 can generate stimulate wave and then transform the feedback from the capacitive sensors (such as liquid level detection, proximity switch) into the 2 level digital output. It can detect less than 1pf of the capacitance change. By applying adaptive control, it automatically adjusts the range and sensitivity according to the capacitance sensor and the current condition, thus obtain the best detection accuracy. The size of UIS1205 is less than 32mm*19mm. its metal shielding cover can effectively prevent external electric field interference and provide mechanical protection to the internal chip. The interface with capacitive sensor is flexible, which can be directly welded, and the coaxial cable connector can also be used.
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